Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the course last for? Is there a set time that you need to get through it by?

The course is estimated to last around 30 minutes give or take 5/10 minutes either side. We must take into account that when people are scared some slow down, others run for their lives.

Do people jump out?

Yes, we have a cast of actors for this course who’s aim is to give you the ultimate scare and experience. 

Do you walk around with who you have come with?

To ensure you have the best experience, you will complete the walk in groups of 10 people. Please note, if you are booking as a large group, you will be split into groups of 10.

Are there facilities for food/drink after?

Food and drink is available at The Stables Restaurant and Bar

Can I swap my time slots or dates?

Tickets are non transferable, please ensure you book the correct date and time.

Is there a lot of running to be done?

Running isn’t required, however you may want to run depending on how scared you are.

Are the actors allowed to touch you?

The actors are allowed to touch you in order to increase the scare factor. However they will not harm you.

Do you offer any multi booking discount?

We do not offer discounts on block booking. 

What is the age limit on this?
Everyone MUST be over the age of 14 years old.
What if I have ticket queries after purchasing?

Please contact if you have any ticket enquiries after purchasing.

Does it matter if you have any medical conditions?

Yes! If you have any medical conditions please e-mail/call before hand to make sure that we can allow you on the course. Tickets are non re-fundable.

What happens if we want to leave the course at any point ?

We have safety zones throughout the course. If you get too scared and wish to leave there will be security that can guide you to the safety zone where someone will come and collect you.

Is it all outdoors?
Yes the course is all out doors so make sure you wrap up warm.